Deck Staining

Throughout the year, your deck is exposed to a range of harsh environmental conditions. From wintertime snow to the heat of the summer sun, the elements can quickly fade your deck stain. You need your stain to be working properly to protect the wood from water damage and the sun. To make sure that your deck lasts for as long as possible, you should re-stain the deck every two to three years. If you want to make sure that your deck looks its best, our team of professional painters can help.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Our interior & exterior painting services include a full selection of options to ensure your property looks its best. We provide options including wallpaper installation and removal, painting and repair of interior surfaces, finishing and staining existing woodwork, and floor finishing for surfaces such as showrooms, basements, and garages. Our team of painting technicians will work with you and review your options thoroughly to ensure your expectations are met. Contact us to learn other services available.

Wallpaper Removal

Our wallpaper removal services include paying close attention to detail with patience. We understand such services require the right tools to remove wallpaper properly. Using a professional service ensures damage to walls or underneath surfaces is avoided. Wallpaper can have a mind of its own which is why people struggle to remove it properly without damage. We have a professional process that includes wall priming so even the most stubborn wallpaper will be removed effectively.

Drywall Repair

Our drywall repair services help repair damages to drywall surfaces from holes, scuffs, mold, cracks, tears, and even damage from rodents. We understand things happen and know such services are delicate. We will provide the best solution for your drywall concerns that is effective and affordable. We will inspect and review the damage, provide options based on our analysis, review the process, and help you decide on the best solution. Working with experts to fix your drywall will give your surface the best results.

Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing services can be used on various surfaces including concrete, roofs, decks, siding, and carports. Our service quickly removes dirt, mildew, and debris buildup safely. The task is an important aspect of doing a thorough paint job. It will also help paint coating last longer while keeping surfaces clean. Since pressure washing can be used in different situations, we will review the process with customers before we start to ensure clarity of the desired result.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting services are performed on various types of services and commercial settings including offices, property management services, and more. We can provide the service you need using safe products that won’t leave strong or harsh odors. You will receive a quality service performance by professional painters who are bonded and insured. Your property will be thoroughly assessed, and we will work with you to reach the best solution based on your budget.

Residential Painting

Our residential painting services will help your home look its best. We provide paint service options for interior and exterior residential surfaces. We will work with homeowners when choosing the best color to get the look you want. We provide a line of services including paint stripping, finishing, refinishing, and cleaning services. We can provide recommendations based on your concerns. Our team of experts will ensure quality and consistency to produce favorable results.

Apartment Painting

We offer a full painting service for building and apartment owners. We will work with you by conducting a thorough inspection and review of the apartment and discuss options based on your needs. We can assist with interior painting, pressure washing, exterior painting, staining, general maintenance, and more. We know you want to have a great paint job that has a good reflection of you for your tenants. Contact us for a quote, and we can discuss your concerns and provide a solution for the results you want.

Custom Spraying

Custom spraying services include creating the perfect color you want for your space. We can use a paint color you have in mind and turn it into a spray paint. Our services include giving surfaces a touch-up, or you can choose to have smaller surfaces such as furniture, doors, or cabinets spray painted with the color of your choice. We will work with customers to get the shade of paint they want even for unusual colors. Paint products include a solvent base and latex formulas. Contact us to learn more about the customization and assessment process.

Custom Textures

Looking to change up a boring flat surface with texture? Our custom texture services can give your surface the custom appearance you want. We provide texture options for various surface types including ceilings and walls. Our experts will make sure to provide a consistent and thorough pattern throughout the surface area. We can also repair existing texture patterns to touch up or renew appearance. We will work with you to create a pattern you want and review the process in detail before starting to ensure results.

Deck Painting

If you have a deck attached to your home that needs a new look or if you’ve recently had one built, then it may be a great time to give us a call for deck painting. Our team of painting experts will work with you to find the right colors for you and your home and will give you the best in fast expert painting. We do the work well the first time and will finish it so that it will last for far longer and for a better price than our competitors. So if you want the very best look for your deck, give us a call.